Heat Pumps

I take a cold look at heat pumps to see if they are all hot air!


Superthin wall insulation. A spaceage answer to spacesaving?

Heat Recovery

How to ventilate a well sealed home without forcing out the nice warm air.

Underfloor Heating

Screed, latex, concrete, suspended

Old house charm - new house efficiency

My home was built in 1800. It looks lovely, but leaked heat like a sieve leaked whatever you poured into the sieve. I embarked on my own project  to vastly improve my home's efficiency without losing its loveliness. I realised this would require compromise, but I wanted to make the home as 'eco friendly' as is feasible - warm, dry and draught free and also end my reliance on oil fired heating. This site details my own project, step by step and also includes many articles written following my considerable research into new products, appliances and eco friendly solutions.

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